CFCC Programs

Below is a list of all our great programs. To find out more information on a specific program you can follow the Read More link with each program. If you still have questions, feel free to Contact Us.

Primary Programs

These are our main programs, if you have any questions beyond what is answered here, or wish to enroll or volunteer in any of these programs, please call us or use our convenient contact form built into the site!

Newborn Visitation, Bright Beginnings

For families with children, You will receive parent education, resources and referrals, growth and development education, & more...

Parents as Teachers (P.A.T.)

Starting early at home enhances future learning. Parents are their child's first teachers. This is the essence of P.A.T. - a voluntary program created to support and assist in this role.


HAPPEE stands for Health Advocacy Parent Partnership Education & Employment. Are you having trouble getting health care for your family? HAPPEE can help!

'R' 'U' a Pregnant Teen?

If 'U' 'R' going to 'B' a teen mommy or daddy, we have information on nutrition, baby basics, exercise, and more! Contact us today!

Other Programs

Child Car Seat Safety Program

We provide education to area police, fire, and emergency responders and the public, in the area of child safety restraints. Trainings and car seat checks are held periodically throughout the tri-county area. In January 2003, we were designated as a permanent fitting station by Child Passenger Safety Team Colorado.

The Arkansas Valley Child Safety Coalition was formed by collaborating with agencies such as: Colorado State Patrol, Area Police & Fire Depts., Sheriff Depts., local Car Dealerships, AVRMC, CDS (Child Development Services), Wal-Mart, Private Citizens, Safe Kids, and Tri-County Family Care Center.

Foster/Adopt/Kinship Parents Program

This program has evolved from the Promoting Safe and Stable Families project. While all families are served in the PSSFP, we have found that these special families need more intense and private services, along with time to interact with each other. We provide a Foster/Adopt/Kinship Parents Support Group, Foster Care Core Training and some training to assist them with certification hours needed annually.

Promoting Safe & Stable Families Program

This program is designed to support at-risk families to become stronger and more self-sufficient. We provide activities such as Family Strengthening, Love & Logic Parenting Classes, Partners in Parenting Classes, Family Advocacy, support groups and collaboration between local agencies to best utilize the available resources.

Respite Care Program

Another endeavor we have undertaken is to recruit and train respite care providers for families with children who have special needs to enable parents to take a break. Working parents can use these providers when children are unable to attend childcare facilities or school due to mild illness. This enables parents to continue working. These providers can also be accessed for elder care.

"Take It Outside!" Reducing Children's Exposure to 2nd Hand Smoke

Tri-County Family Care Center strives to reduce children's exposure to second-hand smoke. When your child breathes smoke, it can be harmful to their health. According to the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership, children who breath secondhand smoke are more likely to have:


If you are not ready quit smoking, we ask that you "TAKE IT OUTSIDE!"